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The report of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman to the Parliament

The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman gives its report to the Finnish Parliament every fourth year. This report was the first one given since the Ombudsman got its new broader mandate in year 2015. 

What is the state of equality in Finland, what is in order and what is wrong, which issues do we want to discuss, and what development needs exist in relation to operating procedures and legislation? The Ombudsman has gathered material for this report and simultaneously carried out two separate background studies. The task of the Ombudsman is to supervise Finland’s compliance with international human rights obligations and the effectiveness of national legislation, which is why statements regularly include complaints and highlight
problems. This report, too, raises people’s experiences of discrimination and other infringements, and evaluates the development needs in legislation from the point of view of human and fundamental rights and equality.

Please find below an English translation of the report. 

You can find the report in Finnish here and in Swedish here