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Filing a complaint

Have you experienced discrimination? You may contact the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman by filling in the complaint form, by phone, by e-mail or by letter. Personal appointments must always be agreed in advance.

The office's services are free of charge. The officials of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman are obligated to maintain secrecy, for instance regarding confidential information about people’s private lives.

You may only complain to one authority at a time and thus we will not process your complaint simultaneously with another authority.

Fill in the complaint form here.

The office staff's working languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. You may also submit a complaint in writing in another language. The Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman will have your complaint translated. Your letter should not exceed the length of two pages.

Please answer the following questions in your complaint:

  • Where and when were you discriminated against?
  • Who discriminated against you?
  • How were you discriminated against?
  • Are there any witnesses to or written evidence of the incident? 
  • Have you complained about the discrimination elsewhere?
  • Which authority is processing / has processed your complaint? (e.g. the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the police, an administrative court)?

Please append copies of any decisions or other documentation related to your matter.

You can e-mail your complaint to yvv(at)

Or send it by post to:

The Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman
PO Box 24

Sending secure e-mail

You have the ability to send confidential documents using the Ministry's secure email system. The service is free of charge , easy and safe to use.

Register into the service as a user of secure e-mail here. Open the confirmation link in the message received from the secure email system. Now you can send secured a-mail and add documents and attachments (the maximum size is 150 Mb. You can also send zipped attachments). You will then receive a confirmation email saying that your message has been sent successfully.

Here you find a guide which explains how to send secure mail to the Ministry of Justice and its agencies.