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Equality planning

Central government authorities, local government authorities and joint municipal authorities are required to draw up an equality promotion plan to foster equality. This requirement also applies to employers with 30 or more regular employees and to education providers. The equality promotion plans required under the new Non-Discrimination Act must be in place by 1 January 2017. An equality promotion plan may be integrated with other plans such as a gender equality plan or created as a separate plan.

An equality promotion plan may include measures through which various population groups will be ensured equal access to services, such as ensuring obstacle-free access, providing interpreter services, producing brochures in various languages, and using accessible communications channels.

The role of the authority as employer in promoting equality must also be included in the equality promotion plan.

If any body neglects to produce a required equality promotion plan, the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman may refer the matter to the National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal. The Tribunal may order the body in question to take action to fulfil the requirement, and a conditional fine may be imposed as an incentive.