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Providing assistance to the victims of human trafficking

Victims of human trafficking are entitled to receive help from the assistance system for victims of human trafficking. This assistance may include support measures related to housing, health care or the victim’s social situation, or legal counselling or security measures.

Support measures are provided on a case-by-case basis. For individuals who have a domicile in Finland, their home municipality is principally responsible for the support measures. For others, support services are provided by the assistance system for victims of human trafficking.

Even a suspicion of a person being a victim of human trafficking is sufficient for granting admission to the assistance system. Victims of offences related to human trafficking have also been admitted to the assistance system. Offences related to human trafficking include aggravated procuring, extortionate work discrimination and aggravated facilitation of illegal entry.

For further information on human trafficking and the assistance system for victims of human trafficking, please visit the website

Assistance is also provided by several NGOs such as Victim Support Finland, the Finnish Refugee Advice Centre, Pro-tukipiste and the MONIKA - Multicultural Women’s Association.