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“Non-discrimination is a fundamental right.”

"Equality and the prohibition of discrimination are based on international human rights treaties and are essential principles in EU legislation on fundamental rights and in the Constitution of Finland. More specific provisions are included for instance in the new Non-Discrimination Act.

Anyone may find themselves discriminated against at some point in their life. That is wrong. No one may be treated differently on the basis of any personal characteristic without justifiable cause.

As the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman, my principal goal is to be proactive in fostering non-discrimination and efficient in responding to discovered cases of discrimination. Succeeding in this requires active interaction and involvement in the everyday lives of the population."

Kirsi Pimiä took up the position of Non-Discrimination Ombudsman on 15 May 2015.

She is a lawyer by training. She has previously held many civil servant positions in Parliament, at the Prime Minister’s Office, at the Ministry of Justice, at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and at the University of Helsinki. Fundamental rights and human rights issues has always been important for her.