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Discrimination in online advertisements 06.08.2020 PRESS RELEASE
Consultations for the new EU strategy towards the eradication of trafficking in human beings 29.07.2020 STATEMENT
Harassment of authorities as a silencing mechanism 09.06.2020 BLOG
Report of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman: Racism and discrimination - everyday experiences for People of African descent in Finland 09.06.2020 PRESS RELEASE
Defending the rights of minorities in communication should not be the responsibility of individuals 06.05.2020 BLOG
Did you know that discrimination related to the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms is supervised by the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman? 30.04.2020 BLOG
Finland’s alien passport practice is a structure which causes deep human suffering 22.04.2020 BLOG
No person may be held in detention without legislative prerequisites, even in emergency conditions 02.04.2020 BLOG
The Office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman continues its functions normally during the coronavirus situation 31.03.2020 NEWS
Report of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman: The rights of a child are not realised in family reunification decisions 02.03.2020 PRESS RELEASE
Let’s make Finland a country not susceptible to human trafficking 14.11.2019 BLOG
The fight against human trafficking requires cross-administrative cooperation 14.11.2019 BLOG
“If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn’t” 14.11.2019 BLOG
“What the feeling of shame brings forth” 14.11.2019 BLOG
Tackling human trafficking promotes gender equality 14.11.2019 BLOG
Country, where labour-related human trafficking is identified 14.11.2019 BLOG
Establishing the mandate of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings 13.11.2019 BLOG
Identifying gendered shame helps men to receive assistance 13.11.2019 BLOG
No more a victim of human trafficking, but a self-sufficient actor 13.11.2019 BLOG
Building trust between a victim of human trafficking and the person helping them is a slow process 13.11.2019 BLOG
We cannot see what goes on behind closed doors 13.11.2019 BLOG
Identifying forced marriages as a form of human trafficking 12.11.2019 BLOG
The utilisation of trauma-related psychological information in the work against human trafficking has advanced 12.11.2019 BLOG
Research has significance in highlighting labour-related human trafficking 12.11.2019 BLOG
Smooth collaboration is a way to achieve a good and fair outcome 12.11.2019 BLOG
The assistance system has succeeded, when victims receive the assistance they need 12.11.2019 BLOG
From needing support to standing on one’s own legs – “then I have succeeded” 11.11.2019 BLOG
No more confusion and disbelief - trafficking in human beings is reality 11.11.2019 BLOG
”I did think that I wasn’t being treated right” 11.11.2019 BLOG
Human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation is an issue that must be solved by society 11.11.2019 BLOG
The first report of the National Rapporteur brought human trafficking to the public debate 11.11.2019 BLOG
Xilhayaha xafiiska wadasinnaanta ayaa macluumaad uruurin ka samaynaya dadka leh jinsiyada afrikaanka ee loo gaystay cunsuriyad 12.09.2019 NEWS
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman set to collect data on discrimination faced by people of African descent – The survey is now open for answers 12.09.2019 PRESS RELEASE
Tackling Forced Labor is Good for Business and Society, According to HP, Co-op and Metso 06.05.2019 NEWS
Statement on promoting the equality of athletes with disabilites 17.04.2019 PRESS RELEASE
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä's speech at the 7th International Roma Women's Conference 27.03.2019 NEWS
Statement on CEDAW General Recommendation on Trafficking in Women and Girls in the Context of Global Migration 22.02.2019 STATEMENT
Statement of the Finnish Non-Discrimination Ombudsman acting as a National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings 12.10.2018 STATEMENT
Assessing credit rating on the basis of statistical data alone is discrimination – credit institutions must revise their practices 03.07.2018 PRESS RELEASE
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä's speech in the Equinet conference "Investing in equality" 01.06.2018 NEWS
Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä's speech at Meeting of National Anti-Trafficking Co-ordinators and Rapporteurs co-organised by the Council of Europe and OSCE, Strasbourg 23 May 2018 23.05.2018 NEWS
Kirsi Pimiä's speech at the Meeting of National Anti-Trafficking Co-ordinators and Rapporteurs co-organised by the Council of Europe and OSCE in Strasbourg, 22 May 2018 during Panel 2: Ensuring rights of victims of trafficking 23.05.2018 NEWS
Study: Decision-making Policy and Interpretations of the Finnish Immigration Service on International Protection Have Become Stricter 22.03.2018 PRESS RELEASE
Senior Inspector Venla Roth's speech at the Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights at Brussels the 21st of November 2017 21.11.2017 NEWS
Trial for disbanding the Pohjoismainen vastarintaliike (PVL), Nordic resistance movement starts today 26.10.2017 NEWS
Non-Discrimination Ombudsman and HEUNI to investigate the effectiveness of the legislation that applies to assistance for victims of human trafficking 07.06.2017 NEWS
The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman’s speech at the Soft security and Migration in the Baltic Sea Region Conference 01.06.2017 NEWS
The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman’s customer service is now available via chat! 20.04.2017 NEWS
Student to receive compensation for harassment – insulting comments by teacher during class 07.04.2017 NEWS
The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman monitors removals from the country 04.04.2017 NEWS
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